156: Arthur Mrozowski, Silicon Hill Ventures & CEO of Looptronic on Teaching Netflix how to burn DVDs!

On this installment of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo hosts an interview with Arthur Mrozowski, who serves as the Managing Partner of Silicon Hill Ventures LLC and as the CEO of Looptronic. Arthur’s claim to fame on Silicon Valley Insider is that he taught Netflix how to create DVD copies. In addition to this notable achievement, Arthur boasts a rich history of innovation and investment in Silicon Valley that has spanned several decades. He began his career at Meridian Data which was quickly acquired by Sony before moving on to found several companies, ultimately leading him to his current venture, Looptronic, which combines IoT, Fintech, and wearables. Be sure to tune in to hear more about his fascinating story! If you’re interested in learning more about Arthur and Looptronic, check out his LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/arthurmrozowski/


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