158: Annika Monari, CEO of Coral using AI to help Retailers with Wholesale Price Discovery

During this installment of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo conducts an interview with Annika Monari, the CEO of Coral, an application created to transform the way vendors engage with customers in the B2B industry. Annika discusses her entrepreneurial drive, which originated from her background as a particle physicist at CERN, her successful launch of an ICO, and her subsequent shift towards utilizing AI to tackle retail and wholesale challenges.

More about Annika Monari

Annika Monari, the founder and CEO of Coral, is using AI and blockchain technology to create a virtual distributor for the wholesale industry. She is revolutionizing the industry by using AI to personalize the curation of products for individual retailers. Monari’s previous startup, Artos Systems, designed a blockchain within a blockchain to solve the scalability problem plaguing Ethereum. Monari believes that blockchain and fintech will make access to capital cheaper and provide greater self-sovereignty for investments. The ultimate goal of fintech and blockchain is to level the playing field and provide opportunities that were previously only available to larger corporations.

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