159: RYLTI’s Quest: Shining a Light on the Dark Data Within Your Company

Title: Rylti’s Quest: Shining a Light on the Dark Data Within Your Company

Peter Fiorillo, Co-Founder and CEO
Lawrence Baisch, CTO

In this week’s episode of Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo welcomes Peter Fiorillo, Co-Founder and CEO, and Lawrence Baisch, CTO of RYLTI (pronounced “Royalty”), a company at the forefront of dark data discovery in corporations. Join us as we delve into how RYLTI is shining a light on the untapped potential of data within organizations, leveraging their biomimetic approach to advanced analytics.

We’ll explore the growing importance of digital twins, a concept endorsed by regulators and policymakers as the future of data management. Our guests will share insights into RYLTI’s commitment to responsible AI and how their technology is shaping the marketplace amidst evolving technology dynamics.

Discover the concept of a “digital twin ecosystem” and how the RYLTI RKE platform interacts with other AI and OT solutions to drive innovation and deliver previously unachievable benefits. Tune in to Silicon Valley Insider for a deep dive into the transformative work of RYLTI in making sense of corporate dark data and leading the way in responsible, cutting-edge analytics.

To find out more about RYLTI go to https://ryailiti.com/

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