101: Kicking off your startup with Kristian Widjaja, Founder and CEO of Jonajo Consulting

On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is Kristian Widjaja, CEO of Jonajo consulting and longtime Silicon Valley software engineering leader to discuss how to follow your dream.

Kristian has worked at some of the leading technology companies such as Oracle, PayPal and was the head of engineering for Rocket Lawyer before following his passion to develop software for others to fulfill their dreams. Keith and Kristian discuss what it takes to make that decision and what to expect. 

In what is now a very timely topic, Kristian and Keith discuss how to successfully lead remote teams when there is no physical office.

Kristian also discusses two personal projects. 1) Juroku Musashi – an ancient Japanese game that Kristian and his son brought to life in digital format and 2) Rentalios – an app to estimate room rental fees.

On this week’s Cyber-tip, Keith discusses how there are organizations that are offering free tools to remediate ransomware and what a user should know before attempting to fix their ransomware issues on their own.