103: Future of eVTOL and Aviation

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, (PK) Director of the Nasa Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI). Keith discusses with PK his work at NASA. As the Director of NARI, PK is responsible for exploring new trends and needs related to aviation in the areas of autonomy, aeronautics manufacturing, and advanced air mobility. He also serves as NASA’s senior technologist for Air Transportation Systems and principal investigator for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) project.

PK also talks specifically about NASA’s priorities on the use of drones and eVTOL (electronic vehicle take-off and lift). He delves into the future of this technology including “air taxis”. Keith and PK have an in-depth conversation on the importance of a safe and reliable supply chain. Even before COVID-19, NASA had already been holding industry conferences talking about the need to have a supply chain that did not depend on a single source.

PK speaks of the future of UAV, UAS, and UAM.

On this week’s Cyber-tip, Keith continues to warn users to be on high alert for fraud and cybercriminal activity related to COVID-19.

On the Pivot, Keith describes what the possible outcome of COVID-19 will be in the near term and long term.

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