105: Tools of Productivity with Tim Campos

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is Tim Campos, CEO of Woven and Former CIO of Facebook. In our first segment, Tim discusses with Keith on his career and how he became the CIO of KLA-Tencor to ultimately being the CIO of Facebook during the rapid growth phase of the company. It was during that time that Tim and the Facebook Information Technology (IT) team had to rapidly develop and deploy technology to handle the needs of Facebook. It was also during this time that Tim realized that they needed to develop productivity tools to give the best user experience possible.

Later in the show, Tim discusses his new company Woven, which is laser-focused on continuing Tim’s passion for empowering users to be productive. Woven is doing just that by first solving for making calendaring become more than just a scheduling tool. Woven can make calendars like Google, and soon Microsoft, become much more valuable to managing the day to day aspects of each user’s life. It does this by giving the user the ability to tie disparate calendars together like personal, work and school, as well as give rich analytics on how your time is spent. Visit http://www.woven.com for more information and to try the product.

On this week’s Cyber-tip, Keith continues to give advice on how to safely using video conferencing technologies.

On the Pivot, Tim Campos comes back to discuss the future of work post COVID-19 and how new innovations and solutions for workforce mobility like Woven and Zoom will continue to be developed to meet the new norms of doing business.

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