108: Re-Invent Yourself

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s guest is serial entrepreneur Tony Lam. From Cisco to Shark Tank, Tony shares with his story from starting off as an I.T. Analyst at Cisco Systems, to his current project Omni Bev a premium ready-to-serve cold brew coffee.

But to really get to know Tony, we must go back to his start at Cisco and how one of his companies made it on to Shark Tank and ended up with an investment from Barbara Corcoran. Tony also about his other businesses and how one of them became the “official” wings of a major sports center. All these experiences set Tony up for his founding role with Omni Bev and how they are bringing premium cold-brew coffee directly to you.

Tony is a great example that it’s never too late to re-invent yourself. Given the uncertainty during these times of COVID-19, Keith shares his thoughts that now is a great to re-assess your personal situation and pivot to another career or business.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip Keith discusses the announcement that Apple and Google are joining forces to share data related to their contact tracing applications to identify and monitory COVD-19. Keith explains what “contact tracing” is and what the short term and long-term implications are.

On this Pivot, Tony Lam shares his top tips for entrepreneurs whether inside or outside of technology.