113: Flip Critts Kickstarter & Prototyping with Guardian Insight Group

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s guest is 11-year-old inventor Carter Waugh, a 2018 innovation award winner who talks about how he started Flip Critts critts.com. 

Carter shares his passion for outdoor adventuring and how he got his inspiration to start his shoe company because he was not satisfied with the current shoe design. He also goes into detail about his 3-year journey from concept to product leading up to his Kickstarter campaign which starts on June 9th, 2020. Keith and Carter discuss the importance for startup founders to have the right team of advisors and employees to make a really great product.


In the second half of the show, Keith is joined with Ed Yeh, CTO of Guardian Insight Group to discuss how startups can leverage the best practices that Carter followed to get his company off the ground and emphasize the importance of starting with a concept and prototype which will save you time and money. Keith and Ed also talk about how although we live in uncertain times, there has never been a better time to explore starting your own business due to the low cost of entry into technology. Some of the best-known companies have started off during a recession or depression.