115: Navigating the Digital New Normal

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is Guillermo Diaz, CEO of Kloudspot and former CIO of Cisco Systems, Inc.

In the first part of the show, Keith and Guillermo reminisce about their time working closely together at Cisco Systems and the lessons the learned in leadership throughout their careers and how that has shaped the work they do to empower underserved communities. Guillermo has dedicated much of his life to mentoring through organizations like HITEC an organization dedicated to building up future technology leaders. Keith shares about his volunteer work leading industry relationships for the California Governor’s Cyber Taskforce on Workforce Development and Education and IT IACA to address the shortage of skilled technology talent by creating apprenticeships.

Guillermo tells his story of growing up in very humble beginnings in Pueblo, CO, and joining the Navy which led to his career in technology and ultimately being the top IT executive for at one of the world’s most elite technology companies to being the CEO of Kloudspot.

Kloudspot is a Situational Awareness Platform that provides actionable insights to enable compelling digital experiences and safety measures for employees and customers. You can check out their website and how to begin navigating The Digital New Normal.


On the Pivot, Guillermo the “Digital New Normal” and how the future of work will look and how technologies like Kloudspot will continue to help companies and their constituents improve their environment and their surroundings.

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