117: Collaborating the “New Normal” with Slack

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is Allan Leinwand, SVP of Engineering at Slack. Allan is an engineering legend inside, and outside Silicon Valley and he tells what it is like to be powering the “new normal” via Slack’s collaboration platform.

Allan is known for helping companies in “hyper-growth” mode and has literally “done it all” in the engineering community. He got an early start at Cisco Systems working on core routing protocols before creating a startup that got acquired by Brocade. He then went onto prominent roles in venture capital and then on to being CTO of infrastructure at Zynga and CTO of ServiceNow before joining Slack. 

Keith discusses with Allan on what is his approach to help the world’s leading SaaS companies to reach massive scale and what is his advice for other technology and engineering leaders who are trying to build out their companies’ operations. Allan also shares his wisdom on how to lead remote teams in the “new normal” and some of the best practices that he and the Slack team have implemented to collaborate with each other effectively. Allan discusses a new feature that has been developed by the Slack team that allows different organizations to work together..

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith does a deep dive into the security concerns around “TikTok the viral video content maker that has over one billion users worldwide. Users of TikTok discovered that it has been accessing their data and sending the information to foreign servers.

In “The Pivot”, Allan and Keith discuss the future of technology and work. How collaboration will be more and more reliant on technology and how Slack was pivotal in a service project to help licensed healthcare workers to collaborate in real-time as they battle COVID-19 using Slack as the platform.

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