119: CloudCoin – Monetary Systems as Information Systems

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is Sean Worthington. Sean is the president of the CloudCoin Consortium, CEO of the RAIDA Protocol, a professor and author of the books: “Perfect Money” and “Beyond Bitcoin”.


Keith and Sean enjoy a deep discussion around Sean’s hypothesis that monetary systems are really information systems and with that knowledge created both the patented RAIDA protocol and the CloudCoin alternative currency system. Sean refers to “perfect money” as a private currency that cannot be manipulated by anyone or anything including governments with socialist tendencies. Perfect money is also not hackable and is resistant to other forms of electronic theft. 


As a professor of computer science, Sean answers a question of what is quantum computing and the surprising research that it is farther along in development than what was predicted even two years ago. The implications of quantum computing advancing faster than expected are that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which is considered the gold standard) can theoretically be hacked in just a few more years.


On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith discusses the massive Twitter hack which affected virtually every prominent celebrity and company using Twitter to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting Twitter users. Keith also brings up malware that is embedded in many free and low-cost android phones and what can be done about it.


On the Pivot, Keith is once again joined by Sean Worthington. Listen as they discuss the future of currency and monetary systems.


More information on CloudCoin can be found here: http://www.cloudcoin.global


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