123: Raising Capital Beyond Silicon Valley

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s returning guest is Jonathan Nelson, Managing Director of the Hack Fund and founder of Hackers and Founders.

Jonathan updates Keith on how the Hack Fund is moving forward with putting their next fund, “Hack Fund Five” as an IPO on the London Stock Exchange.  (Tune in to hear how two years ago, Jonathan and Keith had been discussing how the Hack Fund was looking into blockchain into tokenizing their fund and why the Hack Fund is now going the IPO route).

Later in the show, Keith and Jonathan talk about the investment climate for startups in the new normal, and Jonathan gives insight into his passion to bring Silicon Valley like capital to parts of the world that have traditionally not had the same access. Jonathan later gives his top tips for a startup.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith an “old school” type of phishing attack involving the SBA PPP loan process.

On the Pivot, Jonathan Nelson comes back to talk about his predictions for how investments, startups, and remote work will continue. Jonathan also gives details on which industries he is placing his investment bets on. Jonathan ends the show by discussing how diversity inside and outside of Silicon Valley is good for business and investors. You don’t want to miss what Jonathan has to say.

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