124: Would You Sell Your Data for Ice Cream?

Would you be willing to sell your data for ice cream? Sadly, many people do not realize they do this daily when given a free offer of a product in exchange for their personal information. In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s guest is technology industry veteran Kevin Coppins, CEO of Data Protection company, Spirion. http://www.spirion.com

In the beginning of the episode, Kevin talks about how his interest in the data protection industry started during his Novell days. Along the way, his career spanned senior roles in supply chain and the telecom industry. Kevin explains the differences between data protection, data security and data privacy and why it’s important to understand the nuances as business owners and corporate executives work to keep their companies safe and comply with new data privacy regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection of the European Union) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) which is considered to be the two most stringent data regulations in the world. Keith discusses the potential fines and reputational risk for companies that do not comply with these regulations and have a data breach.

Later in the show, Keith and Kevin give several examples of recent data breaches at major companies and the negative fallout for those companies. Also, Kevin and Keith answer the question of whether you should sell your data for ice cream.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith gives a detailed explanation of a “vishing” attack. Vishing is a combination of phishing and social engineering through a phone call.

On the Pivot, Kevin Coppins comes back to discuss the future of data protection, data privacy, and data security and what it means for companies.

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