125: California’s Registered Apprenticeship Program a Model for the Future

Did you know that there are currently over 70,000 open and unfilled Cyber Security jobs in California? The market salaries for these jobs can range from $100,000 to $150,000. The volume of traditional four-year college graduates has not been able to fulfill the demand. This is also true for other technology related jobs.

On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Host Keith Koo discusses his passion to empower people pursuing technology related jobs without traditional four-year college degrees. Keith Koo’s guests are Kelly Mackey, Regional Director of Strategic Partnerships for the State of California’s Division of Apprenticeship Standards and returning guest Dr. Keith Clement, professor of Criminology at Fresno State University and the primary author of the California Cybersecurity Workforce Development and Education Strategy (2020-2030): Framework and Recommendations for the California Cybersecurity Career Education Pipeline and Pathway Project (CCCEPPP). Keith Koo serves on the Interagency Advisory Committee for Apprenticeships (IACA) – Information Technology Subcommittee and is a contributor to Dr. Clement’s curriculum and in developing industry partnerships with Regional Director Mackey’s group.

In the beginning of the show, Regional Director Kelly Mackey discuss the history of California’s registered apprenticeship program and the state’s focus on engaging with industry partners in providing employers a pool of talent via an alternative workforce.

In the second segment, Kelly answers the question on whether small and medium businesses can take advantage of the registered apprentice program and how to go about doing that. Later in the segment, Keith and Kelly are joined by Dr. Keith Clement who gives an update on the Cybersecurity Framework and Recommendations and the “deep hole” in filling the 70,000 unfilled Cyber Security jobs by meeting the needs of employers.

In the third segment, Kelly gives a deep dive on the benefits to an employer to adopt a registered apprenticeship program and how to engage with California’s Division of Apprenticeships in order to implement the program within their organizations.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith gives discusses how Google and Amazon have now overtaken Apple as a primary vector for phishing, vishing and malware attacks and why that is the case. Keith also gives a special segment on funding programs for small businesses and startups.

On the Pivot, Keith Koo, Kelly Mackey and Dr. Keith Clement discuss how California’s Registered Apprenticeship program is a model for the future of work. 

For more information on California Registered Apprenticeships, follow this link:

https://www.dir.ca.gov/das/DAS_IACAMeetings.html or email info@svin.biz 

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