126: Icecap – Tokenization of Investment Grade Diamonds

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider (#SVIN), Keith Koo’s guest is Jacques Voorhees, CEO of Icecap Diamonds a company that is creating a two-way marketplace for investment-grade diamonds using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Jacques is very well known in the diamond industry, but not so well known in the blockchain/cryptocurrency world (however you need to listen to the end of the show to hear how Jacques got into blockchain via a well-respected member of the cryptocurrency ecosystem). Jacques discusses how he originally envisioned a two-way marketplace for investment-grade diamonds over 40 years ago but did not have the tools necessary to create a platform that instilled confidence by the investor community. Jacques explains how a trading platform based on NFTs became the answer to his 40-year quest to create this trading platform.

During the show, Jacques provides his professional insight on the difference between consumer-grade and investment grade diamonds and why there are over 100 different attributes beyond the 4 “Cs” of diamonds that investors look for.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith explains your options when being asked for a facial recognition scan at the airport when departing the United States for USA citizens and non-citizens.

On the Pivot, Keith Koo and Jacques Voorhees discuss the future of using tokenization and NFTs. 

For more information on Icecap Diamonds, got to their website at icecap.diamonds 

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