127: LinkedIn’s First Head of HR – Where does Work go from here?

In this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Host Keith Koo very special guest is his friend, Steve Cadigan, Talent Hacker, and advisor. Steve and Keith have known each other for decades and reminisce about their time working together during Cisco’s dotcom era working in Cisco’s famed M&A Integration team. They even mention a time when they had to work on seven acquisitions all at the same time!

Since then, Steve went on to bigger and better things becoming LinkedIn’s first Head of HR and credited with creating the awesome corporate culture that LinkedIn is so famous for. Today, Steve runs Cadigan Talent Ventures and can be found at http://www.stevecadigan.com where he is a trusted advisor, coach and soon to be author. Steve is currently finishing his book on the future of work. 

During the show, Keith and Steve discuss how employees and employers are coping during the pandemic and what steps innovative companies are taking to stay engaged during the “new normal”. Steve gives out much practical advice and thought leadership on how companies can be supportive of their #1 asset, their people. Steve and Keith also discuss examples of how companies implemented new and innovative ways to stay connected and engaged with their people.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip – Keith does a deep dive into “Cybersquatting” and its alternate forms.

On the Pivot, Keith and Steve discuss what the future of work will look like and how employees and employers no longer must think of talent as being “locked-in” to a career track.

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