129: ICON Foundation – Pubic & Private Partnerships on a Decentralized Network

Title: ICON Foundation – Public & Private Partnerships on a Decentralized Network

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider (#SVIN), Keith Koo’s guest is Min Kim, Co-Founder of the ICON Foundation, a decentralized network of private and public blockchains.

Min discusses the latest developments with the ICON Foundation and ICONLOOP and some of their recent successes and use cases including:

  • Jeju Island off the coast of South Korea using ICON and ICONLOOP’s blockchain technology for private and secure COVID-19 contact tracing.
  • Shinhan, Korea’s second largest bank is using ICON / ICONLOOP’s blockchain-based decentralized identities (DID) for secure digital identities for KYC compliance.
  • How ICON and ICONLOOP are competing to become the replacement provider of South Korea’s national identity platform.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith reminds everyone about the need for vigilance from “Insider Threats” by sharing the recent case of two employees at. Shopify sharing sensitive information about some of their customers. Shopify is an ecommerce platform with over 1 million users and these insiders targeted specific customers for their information.

On the Pivot, Keith Koo and Min Kim discuss a possible future of building communities using DAOs (Digital Autonomous Organizations). The hypothesis is that you can create a “trustless” society, company, community using technologies such as blockchain. Min gives current world examples to parallel in a digital world.

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