141: Growing Cross-Border Business via Blockchain

On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider (#SVIN), Keith Koo’s guest is Wayne Huang, CEO & Co-Founder of XREX (“x-rex”) a blockchain trade technology that enables cross border trade.

Wayne shares his background of how the CEO and Co-Founder of Armorize Technologies a cybersecurity company that was acquired by Proofpoint in 2013. From there he went on to by the VP of Engineering in which he built the Targeting Attack Protection product which grew to at $350MM in annual recurring revenue.

From there, Wayne and his partners decided to move into the blockchain space by creating a full suite of tools and services along with cross-border commodity trading platform using blockchain technology.

More about XREX

XREX helps blockchain-focused organizations save time and money with product development, production maintenance, security, scalability, and compliance efforts.

XREX Crypto Services (XCS) is a compliant, secure, scalable stack of PaaS and SaaS offerings for organizations that build and run crypto markets (spots, futures, options), market-making, banking, custodial services, wallets, clearance and settlement proxies, payment gateways, value transmission services, and/or decentralized apps.

XCS stacks are offered entirely through cloud-based APIs and billed by usage. After registration, developers can immediately initiate module instances and use APIs; there are no face-to-face meetings, contract negotiations, setup fees, or monthly minimums.

XCS allows organizations to focus on building core business functions–not waste time and money in developing, maintaining, scaling, and securing the underlying stacks.

Many XCS services are implemented using XBLOCK, a blockchain designed for high volume, low latency clearance and settlement across financial institutions.

XREX also operates a standalone market — the XREX Exchange — which provides professional access to spot, futures and options trading.


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