148: Tina Guo: The Grammy Nominated Wonder Woman of Music, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

Want to meet a real “Wonder Woman”? On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s special guest is rock star and Grammy nominee Tina Guo. Tina has performed in over 30 Hollywood movies and composed, produced and performed on the Wonder Woman soundtrack. Tina is a virtuoso in classic and electric cello and is an innovator.

During the show:

  • Tina discusses her latest innovation “Robo-Guo” a method of using A.I. to record all of her cello notes and selling them to studios. Is this the future of music?
  • Gives us a peek into her new album “Dies Irae” https://www.amazon.com/Dies-Irae-Tina-Guo/dp/B097YHLNCW
  • Shares insight into how she became a social media influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.

More information about Tina can be found at https://tinaguo.com/

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