149: Dr. Andrew Kim on his new book ”Culture for the Left-Brained Leader”

Peter Drucker once said “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” which means that no matter what you try, the culture of your organization will always determine the outcome of your future. On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Keith Koo’s guest is Dr. Andrew Kim, author of the new book “Culture for the Left-Brained Leader: Strategy, Tactics and Implementation for Transformative Results” which debuted at number one on Amazon for business strategy. Hear Andrew’s story how he ran into barriers scaling his dental practice which led to pivoting his team’s culture in order to achieve his goals and objectives. Hear more about Andrew and his book “Culture for the Left-Brained Leader” by tuning into Silicon Valley Insider.

“Culture for the Left-Brained Leader” is currently #1 on Amazon in multiple categories: Business Teams, Organizational Change & Business Operations 


About Andrew:

Dr. Andrew YJ Kim is the co-founder of Culture ’n Strategy, an advisory firm that helps scale-ups and fast-growing companies navigate their growth journey.  He specializes in a synchronized approach to strategy and culture, a complex intersection between two advanced topics that few can navigate.  

More information about Andrew can be found at https://cultureleftbrainleader.com/

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