153: Improving the Practice of Law using NFTs with Ron Dekoven, CEO of myLawyer & Justice NFT

On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, Ron DeKoven, Founder & CEO myLawyer & Justice NFT talks about his many decades in the legal profession from U.S. Corporate Attorney to English Barrister

Ron took that experience and create the my Lawyer Network a Global network of attorneys. Ron’s vision is to help attorneys and clients around the world to work more effectively and efficiently using technology innovations such as blockchain and NFTs.


About myLawyer:

myLawyer is part of the myLawyer Network group. myLawyer is a Singapore company focused on creating a Global Network of lawyers. The Global Network will enable lawyers to secure new instructions and new clients more efficiently. The Global Network will enable lawyers to create a Virtual Network of boutique firms. The Global Network will also enable lawyers to refer matters to other lawyers. The only limitation to what lawyers can create with the Global Network is the lawyers imagination.



About Ron DeKoven:

Ron is a New York Lawyer and an English Barrister.  He has founded three legal tech companies: Justice NFT in Delaware, myBarrister in London and myLawyer in Singapore. The three companies are wholly owned by myLawyer Network, a Delaware company. These companies are engaged in developing blockchain and innovative apps for lawyers, barristers and solicitors that revolutionize the practice of law, attract new clients, enhance marketing and enable remote, secure communication. The first of these apps was released in the US last year. A second app was released in January, 2021 in the UK. The Justice NFT will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022.


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