154: Cytokind: Harnessing Light to Combat Inflammation

On this episode of Silicon Valley Insider, host  Keith Koo interviews Ben Wang, Chief Science Officer and John MacMahon, Chief Technology Officer who are the co-founders of health tech startup Cytokind.

Listen as Ben and John share their story of how they discovered that light can be used to battle inflammation and other related conditions including multiple sclerosis, psoriasis COVID leading to a stronger immune system.


About Cyotkind:

Cytokind is a world class team of clinical and research experts   who harness the power of light to strengthen the immune system. We leverage the ability of phototherapy to lower systemic inflammation in a wide range of autoimmune diseases. Our initial trial substantially reduced mortality from sepsis in COVID, and we are expanding enrollment in a partnership with BARDA. These results  have led the company to address the most light sensitive disease known to man – multiple sclerosis. 

This team includes pre-eminent scientific innovators, entrepreneurs, world-class researchers, and drug discovery visionaries from Stanford, MIT, Mt. Sinai, Australia, Austria, Scotland, Germany, Louisiana, Texas, and Wisconsin who are leaders in UVB light research and associated blood analysis to treat immune disorders. These esteemed thinkers and innovators are on the path to discover new methods of treatment and drug discovery to address the critical needs of patients in the US and around the world.


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