Answering the “Call for Code” with host Keith Koo, Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont, CA, Willie Tejada of IBM & Josh Trujillo of 42 Silicon Valley

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, Host Keith Koo is very pleased to have special guests Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont, CA, Willie Tejada, GM and Chief Developer Advocate of IBM and Josh Trujillo of 42 Silicon Valley as he discusseds how it was an honor bringing all these groups together to put on a truly community driven event which is the first (and only) North American “Call For Code” day hackathon at 42 Silicon Valley’s campus to combat and support wildfires.

Sign up for the Call for Code here:

In the first segment, Josh Trujillo discusses how 42 opened their doors to host the event as it aligns with 42’s mission to educate and serve the community. 42 was also recently featured on the show:

In the second segment, Mayor Lily Mei of Fremont discusses the importance of technology in solving for natural disasters, disaster notification and disaster relief in communities especially in not easily reached populations during a disaster such as the homeless.

In the third and final segment, Keith has Willie Tejada, GM and Chief Developer Advocate of IBM about how IBM became a major sponsor of the Call for Code initiative and how natural disasters cannot be stopped by technology but how technology can help communites react and recover faster.

Tulip Industries who was not on this week’s show is also a lead sponsor of the Call for Code event. Following their emerging technologies conference in June of 2018 Tulip is bringing advanced technology advocacy and education to the public. Tulip was featured on this show:

As a reminder, Call For Code ( is a global initiative to address humanitarian issues such as natural disasters and disaster relief which Silicon Valley Insider with Keith Koo has been promoting for several months leading up the Call For Code Day Silicon Valley. Keith wants everyone to know that was a complete honor to truly bring a community together to host this event.

Call for Code is sponsored David Clark Cause, IBM and also in part by the American Red Cross, the United Nations as well as other affiliates and supporters such as Silicon Valley Insider with Keith Koo.

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