Blockchain continues to go Mainstream with Keith Koo and special guest Dr. Vanila Singh, Chief Medical Officer of the USA, Department of Health and Hu…

Blockchain continues to go mainstream. In this week’s Silicon Valley Insider Host Keith Koo is with special guest Dr. Vanila Singh, Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health who discusses the US governments interests in blockchain technology.

The show then features several other guests and their views and use cases for blockchain technology.

  • Musab Saleh, architect at Ebay discusses what Ebay is doing with make transaction easy on their platform without blockchain technology.
  • Greg LeBlanc, FinTech education Director at the Berkeley institute discussing how he and the university are producing blockchain content for students.
  • Ibrahim Alhusseini, Full Cycle Energy – Clean tech investors who uses blockchain technology to demoncratize investing.
  • Sriram Srinivasan, CEO of SkuChain a Supply Chain blockchain
  • Maryanne Morrow, CEO of 9th Gear discsusses her extensive knowledge of regulations related to blockchain
  • Jeremy Almond, CEO of Paystand talking about “Words of Wisdom” as he mentors startups and his view of the current state of blockchain startups and their use cases.

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