Book a trip using Xceltrip a Blockchain Travel Ecosystem with Keith Koo and guests Hob Khadka, Founder and CEO of Xceltrip and Kumar Pandey of Ibriz

Silicon Valley Insider host Keith Koo and guests Hob Khadka, Founder and CEO of Xceltrip and Kumar Pandey, Founder and CTO of discuss how Xceptrip is creating a decentralized (i.e. Blockchain) Travel Ecosystem to disrupt the travel industry as we know it. Xceltrip intends to cut out the many intermediaries involved in a travel booking such as air flights and hotel bookings. Xceltrip uses a network of IMPs (Indepedent Marketing Partner) which is analogous to an “uberlized” travel agent with the benefits of not needing to belong to an agency and share the revenue. Better than the Uber business model, the IMP also gets to share in all future revenue with the rental locations they bring into the eco system. Hob also discusses his vision to continue to sign up IMPs as well as move into other travel related use cases.

Keith, Hob and Kumar discuss the technology behind blockchain and how the Xceltrip team did not conduct an ICO or pre-sale. The project was entirely self funded. Hob talks about Xceltrip’s airdrop* and Kumar explains the mechanics behind an airdrop. Keith explains some best practices to stay as safe as possible after receiving tokens from an air drop. Listen to the podcast to find out the location of their airdrop*

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*Silicon Valley Insider is not endorsing Xceltrip’s tokens and has no financial stake in Xceltrip’s token or air drop.