Democratizing Angel Investing with Keith Koo and special guest Swati Chaturvedi Co-Founder and CEO of Propel(x)

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo sits down with Swati Chaturvedi who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Propel(x) an angel investment platform and community that is “Democratizing Angel Investing” by bringing startups, investors and subject matter experts together to make breakthrough investments. in Deep Technology.

Swati explains: “Propel(x) is an online angel investing platform focused on the niche of “deep technology” startups – that is, startups that are founded on a true technological innovation or scientific discovery. One of the key challenges for deep technology companies— which can be found in a diverse range of fields including computer science; energy and clean tech; telecom; life sciences; and, materials —is that they’re complex enough that you have to put in some effort to understand them properly. So there is a diligence aspect that’s required which we’re also providing on our platform.”

Listen to how Swati and her co-founder Lisheng Wang got their start with the MIT Alumni Angel Investment group and how they found a need to provide an investment platform for “Deep Technology” and the challenges that very bright people (academics, scientists and engineers) have when trying to explain their ideas and products to lay people. That’s where the due diligence using industry experts comes in.

Swati and Keith also explain how Propel(x) has unique benefits and how they have made angel investing accessible to investors of all sizes making Propel(x) a great platform to fundraise.

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