Drones-as-a-Service with Edgar Muñoz, CEO of Aeronyde

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo has return guest Edgar Muñoz, CEO of Aeronyde back to discuss “drones as a service”. Managed services and their providers are well known in the I.T. industry. With the crushing weight of regulations (such as the FAA) how should organizations or municipalities take steps to evaluate and adopt drone technology? Keith and Edgar do a deep dive into this topic using the recent California wildfires as a use case. Energy regulators have publicly stated that they would seek UAV/UAS (unmanned aerial vehicles and systems aka “drones”) to audit utility poles and infrastructure to maintain safety. Find out what it would take to accomplish this mandate effectively. The show also addresses what types of pilot licenses are required to be a drone operator and other regulatory considerations.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith explains what centralized vs, decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are and what some of the pros and cons vs each investor strategy.

On the Pivot, Edgar discusses how the founders of Aeronyde got their start and what led to their business model.

Tune-In to find out more! To find out more about how Aerondye can provide your organization a site needs analysis on the suitability of drones in your environment, be sure to email us at info@svin.biz or come to http://www.aeronyde.com for more information.

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