Encore: 42 Accelerate with Josh Trujillo, 42 Silicon Valley


On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider host Keith Koo has returning guest Josh Trujillo, Head of 42 Accelerate. 42 Silicon Valley and 42 Paris program which is a completely tuition free college level and above computer science education.

Keith, who is a mentor at 42 Accelerate, recalls how Josh was a cadet on the 42 Silicon Valley program before spearheading the creation of 42’s own incubator/accelerator process. Josh discusses 42 Accelerate’s journey and several notable past and present startups that have gone through the program.

Don’t miss this week’s Cyber-Tip as Keith reminds everyone to always be vigilant with their online identifies even when using “trusted” brands like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ebay or Netflix.

On the Pivot, Keith and Josh discuss how 42 Accelerate was originally created for 42 students to create their own work related projects and then progressed to being a technology incubator.

For more information on 42 Silicon Valley go to 42.us.org. For information on 42 Paris go to:

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