Encore: Cross Border Venture Capital and M & A with Sophie Liao of Oyster VC

This week while Silicon Valley Insider Host Keith Koo is in China speaking at several conferences in the greater Shanghai region of China the show is releasing a rebroadcast of “Cross Border Venture Capital and M&A with Sophie Liao of Oyster VC”

Don’t miss next week’s show as he does a recap of his week speaking at several cross-border business summits in Shanghai, Zhejiang & Jiangsu provinces:

1 3rd Annual International Trade Fair & Inaugural Tongxiang Elite Development Convention, Tongxiang, Hangzhou, China. (Tongxiang is the permanent site of China’s world internet conference.)

2) European and American High Technology Exchange and Summit – Shanghai

3) European and American High Technology Exchange and Summit – Suzhou

His guests will include:

Wendy Yang: President of Zion Shanghai Investment Company

Deborah Magid: Director of Strategy, IBM Ventures

Edgar Munoz, CEO of Commercial Drone Startup Aeronyde of Melbourne, Florida

Each will share their points of view on how companies in the USA and China are still trying to do business with each other given the tariffs and tensions between the two trading partners.

This week’s rebroadcast show notes:

Silcon Valley Insider Host Keith Koo and Special Guest Sophie Liao, Founder and Managing Partner of Oyster Venture Capital celebrate Chinese New Year – 新年快乐 (Xīn Nián Kuài Lè)! by discussing the many challenges and rewards of cross border business. Hear how Sophie went from documentary filmmaker to selling her first business which then led to her to becoming a successful venture capitalist (VC). Sophie and Keith discuss Venture Capital and Mergers and Acquistions and how their deep understanding of business goals while balancing that with inherent cultural differences led to their successes in leading cross border M&A projects. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Uber all have one thing in common… They didn’t succeed in China. Find out why and how you can avoid their fate by listening to this show!

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