Encore: Hugh Molotsi – Author of The Intrapreneur’s Journey | CEO of Ujama | Former VP of Innovation – Intuit

This Week’s Silicon Valley Insider is an encore presentation with Hugh Molotsi, CEO of Ujama on being an “Intrapreneur”. Scroll down to find out how to apply for this year’s NTT Data Open Invitation Contest 10.0.

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo’s special guest is Hugh Molotsi – Co-author of The Intrapreneur’s Journey, CEO of Ujama & Former VP of Innovation and at Intuit and Intuit Fellow. First winner of the Intuit Founder’s Award.

Learn about Hugh’s incredible 22 year journey at Intuit touching virtually very major product that exists today and inventing Intuit’s payments platform. Hugh discusses the concept of an “Intrapreneur” vs an Enterpreneur. How there are often untapped ideas and talent already within your organization and how organizations usually overlook the potential. Hugh’s book the “Intrapereur’s Journey” is the first book under Eric Ries author of the “Lean Startup” book and creator of the “Lean Startup Method” and gives an actionable template using the “Intrapreneur’s Empowerment Model”.

Hugh also discusses that even though a life-long technology innovator, writing a book came with its own unique challenges and how he overame those to produce a very compelling outcome.

**The NTT Open Innovation 10.0 contest is now accepting applications. Win up to $100K in funding and trip to Tokyo. Apply here: oi.nttdata.com/en/contest/10th/process/

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