EOS goes Live! with Keith Koo and special guests Jim Harris author of “Blindsided” and Patrica Parkinson of Blockchain Babes

In this week’s Silicon Valley Insider Host Keith Koo and co-founder of the Tulip Emerging Technologies conference tulipconf.com descibes the dramatic events leading up to the EOS Mainnet launch. EOS as a fully decentralized blockchain that has a consittution, goverance system and arbitration built into the blockchain required a majority vote of block producers (akin to a board of directors but not exactly). How the conference became a focal point for the worlds leading block producers to vote on approving the launch (after a week of “no-votes”).

Also, Keith was able to interview on location at the Tulip Conference with Aussie Patricia Parkison, founder of Blockchain Babes and finished the show with futurist and author Jim Harris of “Blindsided”. Patricia shares her own blockchain journey leading up to the formation of blockchain babes which is dedicated to empowering women to learn more about the technology. Jim and Keith speak on future advancements of technology and reminiscing how former technology titans often get disrupted by not adapting to technology shifts like blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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