Silicon Valley Gives Back – A Time for Thanksgiving

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, we celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday in the United States with a look back on 5 different organizations are making a difference by giving back in their own way.

1) Beena Ammanath, Global Vice President, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise for Innovation (Aritificial Intelligence, Data, IoT, Blockchain) and Founder and CEO of the non-profit: Humans for AI discusses why she started this organization to help women and minorities stay ahead of any potential career disruptions due to advances in AI (potentially taking away jobs).

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2) Jonathan Nelson, Founder and Managing Partner of the Hack Fund. Jonathan discusses why he started The Hack Fund which is to provide “Silicon Valley” capital to the unreached in developing nations. John’s desire is to “get shoes to all the children in Latin America”. Hear how his fund does not care about education, color or gender when considering who to invest in.

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3) Hugh Molotsi, CEO of Ujama and former VP and Head of Innovation at Intuit, co-author of the “Intrapreneur’s Journey”. Hugh discusses how companies that give “unstructured time” benefits the employer (by retaining talent) and employee (they don’t need to quit their job to work on their innovative idea).

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4) Jerry Cuomo, VP and Distinguished Fellow, IBM Co-Founder and CTO of Hyperledger and former co-Founder and CTO of IBM Websphere. Jerry discusses “Blockchain for Good” and how innovations in public and private/permissioned blockchains have the potential to transform how we share our data with the concept of “Self-Sovereign Identity”.

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5) Jenny Dearborn, EVP of Human Resources, Talent, Leadership and Learning, SAP and author of “The Data Driven Leader: A Powerful Approach to Delivering Measurable Business Impact Through People Analytics” – Jenny discusses how “there’s never been a better time to enter the tech job market” and how companies like SAP are advocating for alternative hiring programs (such as apprenticeships) to fill the tech worker shortage.

For more information on Jenny, apprenticeship programs, or her latest book, you can find more information on a previous show:

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“Silicon Valley Insider with Keith Koo”

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