Silicon Valley Successes with Startup Mentor and Author Shawn Flynn

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo is joined by start-up mentor and advisor Shawn Flynn. Shawn recently started his cable TV show “Silicon Valley Successes” as well as launched his eBook “Silicon Valley Successes – Transcripts from the Show Volume 1”

Shawn and Keith go into depth on what it takes for both startups and accelerators & incubators need to do to make a successful relationship. Shawn is a professional startup advisor and works at the Tech Code accelerator where he spends most of his time coaching startups through the startup ecosystem including conversations with investors and customers and how to scale. Keith and Shawn continue to discuss a constant theme that Keith is passionate about which is that startups today need to be very aware of the regulatory system they are part of such as FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech, Health and Automotive.

Shawn also talks about how he “growth hacked” his new eBook and how others can follow his formula.

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith addresses the recent news that MySpace has accidentally deleted over 50,000,000 digital songs of their users as well as all videos and photos that are over 3 years old. Keith explains best practices of how to keep your content safe in the digital world.

On the Pivot, Shawn and Keith to discuss their vision to bring the Silicon Valley Startup ecosystem experience to other parts of the world.

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