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The Silicon Valley Insider show is celebrating its 1 year anniversary! Thanks to all of our listeners on 1220AM KDOW, 860AM KTRB and podcast listeners in 87 countries.

This week’s show gives the history of the show and has guests from the production of the show as well as highlights from this past year.

1) Craig Roberts, Salem Media Program Director and host of “Lifeline & 6) the behind the scenes team at Silicon Valley Insider that make the show!

Highlights from past shows with true innovators in their domains:

2) Meet Michael Hermus former Chief Technology Officer of the US Department of Homeland Security and what it is like to be a techologist and innovator working with the government.

3) Futurist and keynote speaker – Dr. John Mattison, Chief Health Information Officer of Kaiser Permanente on the hope of medical breakthroughs that are coming in the next 9-18 months.

4) Dr. Drew Taylor – CEO of Acorn a company that is preserving your cells/genes for “rebooting” your health in the future

5) Jonathan Nelson of the Hack Fund who is innovating Venture Capital with a true heart to serve developing nations with access to the same funding sources that are available in Silicon Valley.

5) A replay of Keith’s safety tips for using apps like Pokemon go

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