“Turning the Titanic” using “Thin Tech” with Keith Koo and special guest Jedidiah Yueh Founder and Chairman of Delphix

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, Keith has returning guest Jedidiah Yueh, Founder and Chairman of Silicon Valley Data Management company Delphix. Jed is well known in Silcon Valley for starting software companies with billions of USD in revenue including Avamar (a company acquired by EMC in the mid 2000s) and now as the author of best-selling book on innoviation “Disrupt or Die – What the World needs to Learn from the Silicon Valley to Survive”

Keith and Jed discussed Jed’s concept of “Thin Tech” and how it relates to the challenge large companies have with “Turning the Titanic” (i.e. why is it so hard to innovate in large organizations). Jed gives very practical advice for companies to be able to innovate.

Jed states: “There’s a powerful paradox at work in the world today. It’s getting easier every year to invent a product that can disrupt a longstanding industry, a phenomenon I call “thin tech.” And yet, legacy enterprises are finding it harder than ever to innovate. Stop chasing shiny tech objects (e.g. blockchain, AI, etc.) and find your “what”–the product that will help you take control of the future of your industry.”

On an earlier episode of SVIN “Disrupt or Die” https://omny.fm/shows/the-silicon-valley-insider-show/svi-3-16-18-podcast-disrupt-or-die-with-jedidiah-y Jed discussed how many of the followed innovation books and models don’t always work or yield the expected results.

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