Under the Hood of Cyber Crime with John Madigan, Check Point Software

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, host Keith Koo is joined by guest John Madigan, Senior Security Architect at Check Point Software to talk about some of the latest developments from Check Point Research on the state of Cyber Crime. In summary, cyber crime is ever changing with hackers and bad actors increasingly using more sophisticated techniques to gain unauthorized access to systems and steal information or cause damage to infrastructure. Come hear how Check Point is leading the way in combating Cyber Crime to keep their customers and stakeholders safe. Also hear how important it is to your organization to perform periodic security risk assessments. For more information email us at info@svin.biz

On this week’s Cyber-Tip, Keith & John answer the question: “Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay?” John Madigan of Check Point software gives very practical advice on what you can do to protect yourself.

On the Pivot, John give his personal story of how he went from being in the trade association as an electrician to high technology / cyber security.

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