What do Cybersecurity, Blockchain, the former CTO of Homeland Security and the Israel Economic Ministry have in Common? Find out with Keith Koo

On this week’s Silicon Valley Insider, Host Keith Koo gives a recap of his recent speaking engagement on Cyber Risk and Blockchain at the Upward Hartford Connecticut Cyber Security Startup Roadshow.

Keith’s guests included:

1) Mike Hermus, CEO of Revoluton Four consulting group and former Chief Technology Officer of the United States Department of Homeland Security

2) Prithu Prakash, Vice President of Redline Communictions, Advisor to Center for Innovation and Commercialization & Executive at General Dynamics

3) Inon Elroy, Israel Economic Minister to the East Coast of the United States

4) Aviv Grafi, CEO of Votiro

5) Matan Or-El, CEO Of Panorays

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