Why EOS will Change Ethereum Forever – Keith Koo in London with Special Guest David Packham, CEO of EOS42 – London’s EOS Block Producer candidate

Silicon Valley Insider Host Keith Koo reports from London where he was attending the finals of the 2018 Techstars/Barclays FinTech finals and where Crowdz.io was one of the top finalists. Crowdz and their revolutionary supply chain blockchain was featured on a previous show: https://omny.fm/shows/the-silicon-valley-insider-show/sv-insider-4-13-18-podcast

Keith sat down with David Packham, CEO of EOS42 which is London’s leading EOS Block Producer candidate to talk about the EOS MainNet launch that will occur on June 2, 2018. EOS will change Ethereum forever as EOS potentially solves for many of the inherent challenges within Ethereum itself. Keith and David cover many topics such as different economic models, EOS block production, wallets and the fears that EOS can be misused or manipulated.

David and Keith will also be speaking at the 2018 Tulip Emerging Technologies Conference in San Francisco June 7th-8th that has a full list of prominent speakers and influencers from the government, academia, enterprises and the developer community. Over half (11 of the 21) of the leading EOS block producers will be in attendance as well.

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Full Schedule:

June 7th-8th – Next Generation Blockchain Conference and EOS Block Producer Summit

June 9th-10h-First North American EOS Hackathon post MainNet Launch

June 11th-13th First North American EOS Developers conference post MainNet Launch

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